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Let's build
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Loxamed is a company specialised in
in mobility and medical innovation.

Loxamed's mission is to get as close as possible to the populations, particularly the most fragile and isolated, in order to offer them easier access to diagnosis and care.

Loxamed has designed and built innovative, connected mobile diagnostic and screening solutions (boxes, mobile trucks or in situ installations), deployed throughout the country, in local authorities, at the foot of companies, in front of concert halls, stadiums, in airports, in front of train stations, in EHPAD and retirement homes.

These solutions integrate the latest telemedicine technologies and operate with qualified medical staff and in partnership with leading biological laboratories.

The 3 business lines of




Teleconsultation with measurement of vital signs by health personnel and transmission of information via the TeleDok platform

Remote monitoring and surveillance



Various screenings (Covid-19, HIV, STI, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

Vaccinations (Covid-19, flu)




Consulting services for companies and communities on major health issues and health protocols

Loxamed near you

Need a teleconsultation,
to be vaccinated
, to be tested?
(flu, Covid, serological, antigenic or nasopharyngeal PCR tests)

Currently, more than 50 mobile medical centres are active throughout France. Our 2.0 medical practices are set up as close as possible to your daily life and welcome you all week long.

Easily select the centre closest to your home and make an appointment in seconds!

since 15 October 2021 and upon request of the government,
PCR and antigenic tests are payable for all.
(except for minors, medical prescriptions and other exceptions. For more information click here).

Antigenic: €27.01

Nasopharyngeal PCR: €43.89


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