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Raising awareness of cardiovascular risks in the Occitanie region

In 2023, as part of ARS Occitanie's summer health prevention operation, Loxamed deployed a mobile cardiovascular prevention unit (17 towns visited in one month). The aim was to promote access to healthcare in public places and isolated areas, by offering screening, advice and teleconsultations. This solution, designed in collaboration with the URPS and the ARS, complements the local medical network and reinforces the action taken by local authorities to combat medical desertion.

Assisted and connected teleconsultation rooms in the Normandy region

In the summer of 2022, Loxamed designed a tailor-made telemedicine project in collaboration with a number of local players, including the Normandy Region, ARS, local authorities and healthcare professionals. This assisted and connected teleconsultation system has been set up in Avranches, Cabourg and Valognes to address the problem of medical desertification, and facilitate access to diagnosis and care for the population.
For this project, Loxamed was awarded the Territorial Innovation prize - in the Territorial Development & Management category - at the Salon des maires et des collectivités locales 2022.

A screening system at Westfield Parly 2

In 2022, the town of Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt was determined to do its utmost to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors to the Westfield Parly 2 shopping center in the commune. In partnership with Loxamed, it decided to install an RT-PCR screening system in the heart of the Westfield Parly 2 shopping center, which receives over 12 million visits a year.

A mobile screening box installed in Versailles

At the beginning of 2022, the city of Versailles was determined to do everything in its power to ensure the safety of its citizens during a period of record epidemic resurgence. In partnership with Loxamed and Cerballiance laboratories, and with financial support from the Ile-de-France region, it decided to install an RT-PCR and antigenic screening system in the heart of the town, in the Europe parking lot.

Loxamed sets up a sanitary hub in Louveciennes

At the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, Loxamed developed a health hub with the town of Louveciennes, where healthcare professionals provided RT-PCR tests, antigen tests and teleconsultation. Loxamed also supported pharmacies in the vaccination campaign, with the help of the town council.

Air France

In 2021 and 2022, Loxamed provided Air France flight crews with a unique device enabling them to be tested directly on the company's premises at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, and to obtain their results within 1 hour. In addition, at the end of 2023, Loxamed launched a new solution to prevent barotrauma in flight crews.

Disneyland Paris

In 2021 and 2022, Loxamed set up a PCR (results in 24 hours) and antigenic (results in 15 minutes) testing center at Disneyland Paris, which all visitors could access with or without an appointment. Loxamed also organized thousands of vaccinations during this period.


At the end of 2020, Loxamed deployed a unique system of diagnostic and screening booths on the forecourts of France's main train stations, aimed at passengers. Result: in two months, over 10,000 tests were carried out.

Olympique Lyonnais

In 2020, under the #OLProtège banner, Loxamed offered a screening box enabling OL fans, players and staff to benefit from a mobile diagnostic unit.

Île-de-France region

In September 2020, to support the efforts of the Île-de-France Region, Loxamed deployed a unique mobile screening solution, roaming 44 communes, carried out by #MobilTest medicalized trucks, to bring tests as close as possible to populations. In collaboration with the ARS d'Île-de-France for the construction and validation of health protocols as the pandemic crisis evolves.

In addition, between 2020 and 2022, Loxamed operated prevention (screening), vaccination and/or telemedicine systems for 160 local authorities in the Region.

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