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You can contact us directly on the free phone number Loxamed : 0 806 142 000

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You can call the free phone number Loxamed: 0 806 142 000, you will be directed to our sales department.


If the patient does not have a social security number, he or she will receive an invoice from the laboratory after completing the test.

A single person can make up to 4 appointments, with the same email address. One appointment per person is required. For the boxes that do not allow reservations, you can come with more than one person.

On the homepage, click on " make an appointment", and follow the procedure (you will receive confirmation by email). and follow the procedure (you will receive the confirmation by email). Some of our mobile solutions allow you to make an appointment, others do not.

Some of our mobile solutions allow you to make an appointment, others do not. Nevertheless, it is always possible to come without an appointment, but patients with an appointment will be given priority.

On the site, tab " Where to find us", / Loxamed near you. Loxamed near you, at this place the patient can consult the interactive map with all the centers opened in France, and make a search by postal code / city


If you do not receive the results, please send an email to, with the day and place of sampling.

If symptoms persist, the patient can return for testing after the 5-day incubation period is over to be sure, and/or seek medical attention.

Don't panic! If you have asked to be contacted by our telemedicine service, you will be called by a doctor for a free teleconsultation. In case of a positive result, the system is very well supervised: isolate yourself for 7 days, respect the barrier gestures, and report it on the TousAntiCovid application, a person from the ARS will contact you and ask for the list of contact cases, they are in charge of contacting them. If you are worried, or if you want to exchange, you can call 0800 130 000.

Please send an email to, with the day and place of collection.

Call the free number Loxamed(0 806 142 000), by transmitting your following information: Name, first name, date of birth, postal address as well as the day and place of sampling. You will receive your results by mail (the 24 hours delay will not be respected).

The results are transmitted by sms or email by the laboratories within 24 to 48 hours after the sampling for a PCR test, and within 15 minutes after the sampling for an antigenic test.


From October 15, 2021, and at the request of the government, PCR and antigenic tests become payable for all*:
Antigenic: 27.01€.
Nasopharyngeal PCR: 43,89€.

* Except for minors, medical prescriptions and other exceptions (to learn more click here).

Without a prescription, the test is not free of charge (Antigenic: 27,01€ / Nasopharyngeal PCR: 43,89€). If you have a medical prescription that is less than 48 hours old and not renewable, the test will be paid for.

The PCR test is the most reliable on the market, and its result, which is the result of a laboratory analysis, is available within 24 to 48 hours. The antigenic test provides a result in less than 30 minutes, but its reliability can be questioned (the recommendation of the French National Authority for Health is to proceed with a PCR test in case of a negative antigenic test if symptoms appear).

We have given priority to PCR tests because they are the most reliable. Nevertheless we have partnerships with pharmacies that offer antigenic tests.