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Leading player in telemedicine, Loxamed intensifies its mission of local healthcare by offering solutions to territories characterized by the absence or difficulty of access to care and treatment.

Remote consultations can be performedin cubicles, mobile vehicles or dedicated dedicated premises. They sont possible both with physicians specialists. As a result, patients can quickly get in touch with a doctor as soon as symptoms appear, and benefit from a tailor-made consultation.

The distinctive feature of the Loxamed model is that the doctor consults online, assisted by a state-registered nurse who is present with the patient. The patient is examined by the nurse using connected medical instruments - stethoscope, hand-held camera, otoscope, ultrasound scanner, dermatoscope, ECG, etc. - which deliver data - blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, weight, etc. - enabling true medical reporting. The prescription is sent by the doctor via a secure system.



Loxamed develops targeted awareness-raising, screening, vaccination and support:

  • Awareness

Po change behaviour, provide educational information on various themes (hygiene, santé des femmes, cancers, addictions...) ;

  • Screening

To better manage patients, identify risk factors (cardiovascular, dermatological, ophthalmological, sexually transmitted infections...);

  • Vaccination

Po protect the most vulnerable (vaccineation against - grippe, Covid, papillomavirus... -, mup to date vaccines and booster shots via the vaccination booklet) ;

  • Accompaniment by the sport santé

Po encourage people to engage in regular physical activity in order to prevent certain diseases; évaluation of physical capacities; ppersonalized training program.



Loxamed is continuing to develop its consulting business, helping governments, local authorities and companies to build appropriate health strategies and protocols.

Loxamed is an expert in auditing medical support systems for companies and establishments open to the public, and its mission is to rationalize, transform and perfect occupational medicine systems and public reception procedures. Since the start of the pandemic, Loxamed has been working with numerous healthcare partners to build high-performance mobile health solutions. We establish effective, tailor-made protocols validated by our medical experts: renowned emergency physicians and epidemiologists.

Our commitment:
health everywhere and for everyone

Our commitment:
health everywhere and for everyone