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As a reference actor in telemedicine, Loxamed intensifies its mission of proximity health by offering telemedical consultations to all territories or countries with no or difficult access to care and management.

Remote consultations can be given in cubicles, in mobile trucks or in situ, and are carried out with both general practitioners and specialists. Thus, residents or employees can quickly get in touch with a doctor as soon as symptoms appear, and benefit from a tailor-made consultation, whatever the pathologies.
The telemedicine station used by our medical staff allows the following data to be obtained: blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, weight. It has a stethoscope and an otoscope connected via video and audio to the telemedicine computer. Teledok ensures that health protocols are respected.

Loxamed will also offer a remote monitoring and surveillance service for people with reduced mobility or living far from medical centers.



Thanks to its experience in the heart of the crisis, Loxamed offers screenings for other forms of pathologies, diseases or infections than those related to the coronavirus such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, sexually transmitted infections, cancers, flu and various vaccinations.

Loxamed will also propose trainings for the general public or more specific trainings for health care personnel.



Loxamed continues to develop its consulting activities, by accompanying States, communities and companies in the construction of adapted sanitary strategies and protocols.

Expert in auditing medical support systems in companies or for establishments receiving the public, it aims at rationalizing, transforming and improving occupational medicine systems and public reception procedures. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Loxamed has been working with many health partners to build efficient mobile health solutions. We establish efficient and tailor-made protocols validated by our medical experts: emergency physicians and renowned epidemiologists.

Our commitment:
health everywhere and for everyone

Our commitment:
health everywhere and for everyone