Loxamed supports local authorities, companies and "major events" at every stage (consulting/engineering/implementation) of the medical project, by integrating and bringing together all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. The patient, at the heart of the project, is assisted by an on-site healthcare professional.

Vaccination in the workplace

Drawing on our experience and know-how in dealing with epidemic peaks, we can offer you turnkey, tailor-made solutions for Covid-19 and/or flu vaccinations to help protect your employees.

Promoting prevention and health in the workplace

In an environment exposed to health risks and marked by difficulties in accessing healthcare, the company has a key role to play with its employees. Whether it's awareness-raising, screening, vaccinations or teleconsultations, Loxamed develops programs that mobilize its medical department and its network of partners (health professionals, laboratories, etc.).

Brochure: Combating medical deserts, including in white zones

Fighting medical deserts, even in white zones Loxamed supports local authorities at every stage in the implementation of a medical project. From consulting to implementation, Loxamed has developed a territorial health organization and cooperation approach that facilitates and improves the healthcare pathway for people with difficulties accessing care. Loxamed integrates and brings together all the stakeholders in the ecosystem: healthcare professionals and territorial organizations such as CPTS, elected representatives, the Region, EPCIs, Departmental Councils, ARS, DCGDR and Health Insurance Funds.